Promote Economic Prosperity

I will support legislation that unleashes the economic potential of every individual in Colorado. I will always fight government overreach and bureaucracies that chase away jobs and hurt families. 

Fiscally Conservative

Tax revenues come out of the pockets of me and my neighbors. I will be a steward to ensure that state government is spending those dollars based on the priorities of the people, not on the pet projects of the politicians. 
Defend the Constitution

When I take my oath of office next January, I will vow to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Colorado. The Constitution is the essential element of liberty - the limitation of government power and the security of inalienable rights to the people. I will staunchly defend all rights under the Constitution, especially those where personal liberties are concerned: speech, religion, and our right to bear arms. 
Protect Life

We must strive to find solutions that protect the most vulnerable members of our society at any age. I will advocate for creative healthcare that gives Coloradoans safe, affordable, and accessible options for care.