1. HB19-1177 "RED FLAG"
    HB19-1177, the "Red Flag" gun bill, was on the Senate floor for nearly 10-hours. This bill is not about getting help for the mentally ill, this is a gun grab. A quote from the Democrat Sponsor: "It is NOT about mental health". Then, a response from GOP Senator Sonnenberg: "It is a gun grab".
    As the father of two wonderful daughters, I want to ensure that they are treated just like any male in the workplace. As the employer of hundreds of great workers, I know that it is simply good business to ensure that employees are paid based upon their experience, abilities, and performance, not their gender, skin color, sexuality, or otherwise. As a legislator, I know that the devil is in the details. While this piece of legislation is premised upon a very worthy cause, it is my job to consider the unintended consequences of government action.
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