Education ​​
As a father of three, improving education is one of my passions and will be a priority as a legislator.

Education is a fundamental responsibility that we owe to our children. Colorado deserves a quality education system that benefits students, parents and teachers. Something absolutely needs to change about how Colorado funds its education system. We can do better. Simply put, more money needs to reach the classroom.

We must provide resources to our students, not the growing bureaucracy. Colorado spends more on administrative costs than the U.S. average, and only 53 percent of total expenditures go to instruction. 

Teachers are some of the hardest working professionals in Colorado. We should pay them accordingly. From 1992 to 2014, overall education spending increased 15%, but teacher pay decreased 11%. Meanwhile, between 2011 and 2017, the number of K-12 “administrators” skyrocketed 34%.

I will advocate making sure more dollars are reaching the classroom and teachers, not administrative bureaucracy.

Roads & Bridges ​​

It is unacceptable that the State of Colorado has not found a way to solve our problems with road capacity and maintenance. The need to focus on trip reliability and address congestion is at the top of my list if elected.

 For years, the legislature has failed to provide any real dollars from the general fund budget. As a result, Coloradans are frustrated because we are driving on dangerous, congested and aging roads that cost us time, money and lives.

As we sit idling in traffic jams, we waste precious time and resources. We cannot afford to continue kicking the can down the road while ignoring the priorities of the people.

​ Funding immediate transportation and infrastructure needs should be the next legislatures highest priority.

The solution is to prioritize our spending. We do this by dedicating a portion of the budget directly to roads, bridges and infrastructure early on instead of treating it as an afterthought. Along with that, I plan to take a strong position with CDOT on prioritization of pending projects.
Water is important to Colorado. As our population grows, we will need more. Conservation is certainly an important piece. Beyond that, our only choices are to dry up farmland or store excess water during wet years. We need bold leaders who can balance the impacts, while planning for our future.
Public Safety ​​

One of the core responsibilities of state government is to protect citizens and their property. As a senator, I commit to working alongside law enforcement members in our community to support the kind of laws and resources needed to help them protect you and your property. At the same time, I will assure that our criminal laws and processes are fair to all.