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"Colorado election: Rob Woodward wins Colorado Senate District 15"

"With Hickenlooper out, Colorado's empowered environmentalists target oil and gas industry"

"State Senator Rob Woodward introduces bill for small business relief"

By Nick Coltrain, Fort Collins  - Coloradoan
November 6, 2018

Rob Woodward will keep state Senate District 15 in Republican hands. Woodward held about 53 percent of the vote, as of Larimer County's noon Wednesday release of results.

Woodward owns more than two dozen Subway franchises in Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. 

By Dan Karpiel - The Berthoud Weekly Surveyor
January 18, 2019

By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Sunday, March 17, 2019

According to a press release provided by Woodward’s office, “In 2018 the Colorado Department of Revenue unilaterally decided that it would begin enforcing a sales tax policy that demanded that retailers collect and remit sales taxes based upon where the customer receives the product. This will be a huge burden on small retailers." 
“People will lose their jobs, people will lose their homes, people will lose their businesses. And as we all know when this happens, marriages will crumble, suicides will increase. It’s not a pretty picture.”
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"Congratulations to
Senator Rob 
on making our 2019 Honor Roll! Thank you for being a true champion for education reform. In only one Colorado Legislative session you’ve already made a big difference for families across Colorado."

"Touting the economy, Trump Victory kicks off Colorado campaign"

By Joey Bunch - Colorado Politics
August 30th 2019

"About a dozen northern Colorado small business owners had lunch at a long table in Fort Collins on Friday to talk about how President Trump was helping the local economy."
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"As metro Denver Home Prices continue to rise, one builders answer is to go smaller"

By Aldo Svaldi - The Denver Post
July 28th, 2019

"Generally, over the past year or so builders have been trying to pivot to more affordable housing. That's where the demand has been so strong."
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