Congressman Ken Buck

  "As a legislator, Rob Woodward will be a champion for Liberty, Individual Freedom, Property Rights, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and the Rule of Law. I am supporting Rob because he will fight for families and small business. I’m all in for Rob Woodward in his bid for the Colorado State Senate."

State Senator Kevin Lundberg

"Having served as your State Senator in District 15 for the past 10 years, I'm pleased to endorse Rob Woodward. He has convinced me that he has the Principles, tenacity, and skills necessary to serve Larimer County and the State of Colorado very well. His dedication to family values and hard work are sure signs that we'll be in good hands when he is elected as our next State Senator."

The Honorable Bob Schaffer

“I whole-heartedly endorse Rob Woodward for Senate District 15. I have had the opportunity to get to know him over the past 20 years, and I can assure you that he is a man of integrity who is passionate about our Founding Principles and preserving our Rights. As a businessman, he has a proven record of success, innovation and tenacity. Rob has the ability, desire and leadership skills to bring some common sense into state government.”

State Representative Perry Buck

“ "Rob is just the kind of person we need at the state capitol! He is a man of principle and integrity, and he can get things done.  I have no doubt that he would be a great senator!"

State Representative Hugh McKean

"I've been in the Colorado House of Representatives for a year now.  Larimer County and the state of Colorado could really use someone like Rob with real-world, small-business experience. I am glad to offer my endorsement to Rob Woodward!"

Sheriff Justin Smith

  “Rob Woodward deserves my endorsement because he has proven he has the heart to generously serve his community.  Rob always steps forward to help in times of disaster.  Repeatedly, he has offered up food during fires and floods. 
Rob is a man of action.  He business success is a testament to his commitment to hard work.  He will make a great State Senator and represent Larimer County and law enforcement very well.”

​Estes Park Town Trustee Cody Rex Walker

    "My family has known Rob and his family for many years.  As a fellow business owner in Estes Park, I've seen Rob go above and beyond to make sure his staff and customers are treated well.  He even provides housing to staff when they fall on hard times.  He is the kind of caring leader we need at the capitol!"

​Former Colorado Representitive HD 51 Brian DelGrosso

 ​“I am endorsing Rob Woodward for Senate District 15 because, like me, he understands how hard it is to operate a small business in Colorado. Rob has the experience and skills necessary to navigate the state legislature.  

​Former Loveland Councilman Troy Krenning

  "I met Rob many years ago when we served on the Loveland Planning Commission together. He understands the tough issues we face in Loveland and Larimer County.  He is fair and honest. He would be a great State Senator."

Former CU Regent Tom Lucero

"Rob is the senator we need at the Capitol.  His success in business reflects the type of leadership we need in Denver to break the gridlock and start fixing the serious budget and transportation issues facing Colorado.  I've known Rob long enough to know that he has the character and conservative values to make a significant difference."

Larimer County Treasurer Irene Josey

"Because I've known Rob and his wife Paula for over five years, I can say with confidence that Rob Woodward is a man of his word.  Rob listens first, thinks, and then speaks; that tells me he is considerate, thoughtful, and confident.  His experience as a current business owner and leader in Northern Colorado will help Rob effectively represent us all in Senate District 15. I believe that Rob Woodward will make an excellent Colorado State Senator!